Vietnam Manufacturing and the Global Market: Trends and Insights | OneLink Holdings

Manufacturing – Vietnam’s manufacturing industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, driven by a combination of factors such as low labour costs, a strategic location, a large and young workforce, and favourable government policies. As a result, Vietnam has become an increasingly important player in the global manufacturing market, and many businesses are turning […]

Cultural Considerations for Doing Business in Vietnam – OneLink Holdings

Tips – Looking to do business in Vietnam? It’s essential to understand the country’s cultural norms and customs. This blog post explores the key cultural considerations for doing business in Vietnam, including building relationships, respecting hierarchy, business etiquette, saving face, and communication styles. Learn how to navigate the Vietnamese business world and establish strong partnerships […]

Rules and Regulations for Importing and Exporting from Vietnam | OneLink Holdings

Trade – Learn about the essential rules and regulations for importing and exporting goods to and from Vietnam. This comprehensive guide covers import and export permits, customs clearance procedures, tariffs, product standards, and more. Stay compliant and ensure a successful international trade transaction with this informative blog post. Vietnam has experienced significant economic growth in […]