Household Appliances

From E-commerce brands to hotels across the globe, the following are just some home appliances which our capable team has the capability to supplly: Our team collaborates with various smart home product manufacturers and would be happy to discuss these advancements with you.

Hardware & Tools

Our OneLink team stands ready to quote and supply high-quality hardware and tools, catering to diverse project needs: Improve your workspace efficiency with our storage solutions like toolboxes, bags, shelves, and bins to keep your tools organized and accessible. Our OneLink team is here to help.

Gym & Fitness products

Our OneLink team have experience in supplying and outfitting gym and fitness centres of all sizes. Most gym equipment is produced within close proximity of our office location so whether you’re looking to buy large quantities directly from the manufacturer or smaller quantities from the market, contact our team today. .


OneLink offer comprehensive services to customers wish to source or custom manufacture furniture. We work with furniture manufactruers of a diverse range and also customised capabilties, as such we have worked on entire hotel projects thourgh to private home furtniture projects. These are just a few examples of furniture we are capabel of supplying, speak […]