Textiles & Garments

Our diverse product range encompasses a variety of styles to suit every need: To find out if our team is suited to helping you with your requirements, speak to us today!

Promotional Products

Promotional products offer a variety of benefits such and go a long way for companies and their increased brand recognition, cost effective marketing as well as customer loyalty. The following are some promotional products our team have the capbiltiy in supplying: Our selection of promotional products is continually expanding to align with market trends and […]

Point of Sale

To enhance your customer experience and captivate attention, our team specializes in the custom manufacturing and supply of a diverse range of Point of Sale (POS) products:


Various considerations need to be made when importing machinery and a lot of these considerations shouldnt be taken lightly, correct evaluations and due dilligence should be carried out at all stages. The following are some machinery under out tool belt:

Hospitality Items

We collaborate with hotels of all sizes, sharing a common objective of delivering top-quality products at the most competitive prices. Our extensive product offerings include: With your FF&E listing, our dedicated team collaborates with a diverse range of manufacturers to provide you with a multitude of options.